Creating future informed practice

We facilitate planning processes, help companies develop and test new ideas, assist them to transform their business models and broker partnerships and mergers.

Future informed practice accounts for the global mega trends that underpin the transformations occurring in our economy and society. It’s the antithesis of business as usual.

We assist organisations to decarbonise their business models, redefine how and where work is performed, help build future focused cultures and develop an ecologically informed and resilient business ethos.

Established in 2013 Strategy3 has worked with organisations in the training, employment and community services industries. We have also assisted industry associations and government departments.

Strategy3 is led by Ben Bardon its principal consultant and is supported by a network of associates across Australia.


Scenario planning – Strategy development – Strategy into action


Creating new ways of working – Prototyping and testing – Evidenced based decision making


Business model decarbonisation – Ecological mindset – Make positive impacts


Resilient business models – Future focused culture – Mergers and partnerships

About Ben Bardon

Principal Consultant

Ben Bardon is principal consultant and managing director of Strategy3

Ben has 29 years experience in the Vocational Education and Training industry. He has held positions on the Skills Board in NSW, the Vocational Education and Training Accreditation Board and as a founding Governor of the London Apprenticeship Company.

Ben has 17 years experience as a CEO with training and employment organisations in NSW and is currently the CEO of the National Australian Apprenticeships Association – a lobbying and advocacy role.

As principal consultant, Ben has led international projects for the World Bank, and the Vocational Training Council in Hong Kong. He has had multiple governance roles with training and employment organisations in Australia and has collaborated with Wisenet on a demand aggregation project for Ai Group and the review of VET in New Zealand.


Scenario planning for Executive Teams and Boards that explores how global mega trends and the domestic political responses to them will affect the operating environment in future periods.

Strategy development with Executive Teams and CEOs that search for long term competitive advantage and resilience.

Strategy into action by assisting CEOs and Executive Teams design the implementation levers required to drive the desired changes.


Creating new ways of working and new product offers that respond to the global challenges we face

Prototyping and testing these ideas to quickly determine if they will work and how they can be refined.

Evidenced based decision making that’s founded on fact and high-quality data. Using this to challenge business as usual assumptions.


Business model decarbonisation that minimises the impact of the total business footprint.

Ecological mindset for company staff and key decision makers. Understanding the long-term interdependencies with the natural world.

Make positive impacts by re-defining value propositions, leading change and building a competitive advantage in the process.


Resilient business models are developed that can withstand global shocks, energy transitions and radical transformations.

Future focused culture is co-developed that looks beyond business as usual and seeks to lead the transitions that must occur.

Mergers and partnerships are brokered with like organisations that can assist to execute the overall strategy.

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